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Draft Draft2Sketch

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Modification → Draft to sketch
Draft, Arch
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The Draft Draft2Sketch command converts Draft objects to Sketcher Sketches and vice versa.

Converting Draft objects to Sketcher Sketches


  1. Optionally select one or more Draft objects or Sketcher Sketches.
  2. There are several ways to invoke the command:
    • Press the Draft to sketch button.
    • Select the Modification → Draft to sketch option from the menu.
  3. If you have not yet selected an object: select an object in the 3D view.
  4. A new object is created.



See also: Autogenerated API documentation and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

To convert objects to a sketch use the make_sketch method (introduced in version 0.19) of the Draft module. This method replaces the deprecated makeSketch method.

sketch = make_sketch(objects_list, autoconstraints=False, addTo=None, delete=False, name="Sketch", radiusPrecision=-1, tol=1e-3)
  • objects_list contains the objects to be converted. It is either a single object or a list of objects. Draft objects, Part::Feature objects and Part.Shape objects are supported.
  • If autoconstraints is True coincident constraints are added to nodes belonging to the same source object.
  • addTo is the existing sketch object the geometry is added to. If not supplied a new sketch is created.
  • If delete is True the source objects are deleted.
  • name is the name for the new sketch.
  • radiusPrecision indicates how radius constraints should be handled:
    • Use -1 to disable radius constraints.
    • Use 0 to add individual radius constraints.
    • Use a positive number to round radii according to this precision, and to add equal constraints between curves with equal radii.
  • tol is the tolerance used to check if shapes are planar and co-planar. Use -1 for a strict analysis.
  • sketch is returned with the sketch object.

To convert a sketch to Draft objects use the draftify method of the Draft module.

draftify(objectslist, makeblock=False, delete=True)
  • objectslist contains the objects to be converted. It is either a single object or a list of objects.
  • If makeblock is True the converted objects are grouped in a Part::Part2DObject.
  • If delete is True the source objects are deleted.


import FreeCAD as App
import Draft

doc = App.newDocument()

rectangle = Draft.make_rectangle(2000, 1000)
circle = Draft.make_circle(500)

sketch_from_draft = Draft.make_sketch([rectangle, circle], autoconstraints=True, delete=False, radiusPrecision=0)

draft_from_sketch = Draft.draftify(sketch_from_draft, delete=False)