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Current stable version

The 0.20.2 release of FreeCAD (29603) was published on 2022-12-07. To find out what's new, see the release notes.

You can find SHA256 checksums to verify the integrity of your download on the 0.20.2 release page.

Previous versions can be downloaded from the releases page.


Install on Windows

64-bit installer


Install on Mac

macOS 64-bit

Linux with text.png

Install on Linux

AppImage 64-bit

Notes for Windows users

  • The following Windows versions are supported: 64-bit 7/8/10/11. 32-bit Windows is not supported.
  • A portable version that doesn't need installation is available on the releases page.
  • The package can also be installed from the Chocolatey manager.

Notes for macOS users

macOS 10.12 Sierra is the minimum supported version.

Notes for GNU/Linux users

Most distributions carry FreeCAD in their official repositories, however, if the distribution doesn't follow a rolling release model the version they provide might be outdated. Instead you can download the AppImage above, mark it as executable and launch it without installation.

Please see the Installing on Linux page for more installation options, including daily packages for Ubuntu and derivatives.

A portable version that doesn't need installation can be achieved by starting FreeCAD with these commands:

cd path/to/directory_containing_AppImage/
chmod +x ./name_of_AppImage_file.AppImage
HOME="$PWD/Settings" FREECAD_USER_HOME="$PWD/Settings" ./name_of_AppImage_file.AppImage

More information about FreeCAD's environment variables can be found on the configuration page.

Development versions

FreeCAD's development is active.

  • For development builds and development source code, see the weekly builds page.
  • To compile the latest source code, see compiling.

Additional modules and macros

The FreeCAD community provides many additional modules and macros. Since 0.17 they can be easily installed from within FreeCAD using the Std AddonMgr.svg Addon manager.