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This tutorial shows you the customization of toolbars. Tools (inclusive Macro-tools) can be used in different workbenches. In an example a Macro becomes a Macro-tool by creation of a Menu text, a Tool tip and an Icon. Afterwards this Macro-tool becomes part of an extra toolbar in a workbench.


1. Find the Customize Menu

  • Click Main Menu → Tools → Customize,
  • or right click on any toolbar.
Right mouse click
  • The Customize window appears.
The Customize window appears

2. Make a Macro to a Macro-Tool

  • Select the "Macro" tab.
  • To add an icon for the provided macro click the Pixmap button (labelled ... ).
Select a toolbar
  • Search for an appropriate icon from amongst FreeCAD's existing icons,

      [or add your own icon by clicking Add icons...].                  (expand for an example)

Add icon

     [You will get a file selection window, select your custom image file (PNG format, 64x64 pixels)]

Get a file
  • Select your icon and click OK.
Select your icon
  • The icon you selected is now displayed next to the Pixmap button labelled ....
Your icon is displayed
  • Select the provided macro in line Macro:' and specify a Menu text: (which will appear as the text label in the menu); also fill in the Tool Tip': (which is the text that will appear when a mouse is over the button on the toolbar); further lines are optional.
  • Click the button Add.
Click the button
  • The button of the macro-tool is now created.
Your button is created

3. Create a toolbar outside the workbench Macro which contains the created Macro-tool

  • Select the Toolbars tab and choose the workbench (for which the toolbar is provided) in the drop down on the right (Part in this example).

     [Since version 0.15 there is a  Freecad.svg Global  toolbar. If this is selected, the provided toolbar will be in each workbench.]

Toolbars tab
  • In the dropdown on the left select Macros.
  • The macro-tool with its icon appears in the list.
Your icon is listed
  • Click the button New...
Click on "New"
  • In the window "New Toolbar" enter the name of the provided extra toolbar for the Part Workbench and click OK
Enter the name for your toolbar
  • The toolbar is now created.
  • To add the created macro-tool to this toolbar, select it in the left window and then click the Button with the arrow pointing right.
Select your macro
  • You have created now a toolbar called "Camera" (with the Macro-tool Camera in it)
  • Click the Close button.
  • Your new toolbar is now contained in the toolbars' right-click menu. Its Icons (in our example only the camera) are visible, if the toolbar is activated (blue checkmark).
New Toolbar


See also Interface Customization.