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Curved Shapes is a FreeCAD external workbench that creates 3D shapes from 2D curves.


Recommended installation is through the FreeCAD Addon Manager via the Tools → Addon Manager


  • CurvedArray: Creates an array and resizes the items in the bounds of one or more hull curves.
  • CurvedSegment: Interpolates between two 2D curves. The interpolated curves can be resized in the bounds of some hullcurves.
  • InterpolatedMiddle: Interpolates a 2D shape into the middle between two 2D curves. The base shapes can be connected to a shape with a sharp corner.
  • SurfaceCut: Cuts a surface to get the outline curve or a face. This tool is similar to Cross-Sections in the Part workbench, but it is fully parametric and has an option to reduce the complexity of the output curve. It tries to remove overlapping edges.




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