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    FreeCAD would not be what it is without the generous contributions of many people. Here's an overview of the people and companies who contributed to FreeCAD over time. For credits for the third party libraries see the Third Party Libraries page.


    Project managers

    Lead developers of the FreeCAD project:

    Main developers

    People who work regularly on the FreeCAD code (retrieved from

    Other coders

    Other people who contributed code to the FreeCAD project:

    • Barleyman
    • Berthold Grupp
    • dbtayl
    • Dmitry Chigrin
    • ezzieyguywuf
    • fandaL
    • Georg Wiora
    • Graeme van der Vlugt
    • itain
    • j-dowsett
    • Jacques-Antoine Gaudin
    • jcc242
    • jmaustpc
    • Joachim Zettler
    • jobermayr
    • Johan3DV
    • jonnor
    • keithsloan52
    • Ken Cline
    • Mandeep Singh
    • marktaff
    • Martin Burbaum
    • maurerpe
    • ovginkel
    • peterl94
    • plaes
    • poutine70
    • TheMarkster
    • qingfengxia
    • Remigiusz Fiedler (DXF-parser)
    • SebKuzminsky
    • tomate44
    • triplus
    • usakhelo


    Companies which donated code, assets or developer time:

    Forum moderators

    People in charge of the FreeCAD forum (retrieved from


    People from the community who put a lot of efforts in helping the FreeCAD project either by being active on the forum, keeping a blog about FreeCAD, making video tutorials, packaging FreeCAD for Windows/Linux/macOS, writing a FreeCAD book... (listed by alphabetical order) (retrieved from

    Documentation writers

    People who wrote the documentation on this wiki:


    People who helped to translate the FreeCAD application (retrieved from

    Addons developers

    Developers of FreeCAD addons (retrieved from