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(January 2021)

The active development of CadQuery has moved away from FreeCAD [1], offering now a stand-alone GUI with the CQ-editor [2]. The CadQuery workbench is no longer actively maintained, but may receive sporadic fixes by its author.


A module-workbench combo that adds a CadQuery editor to FreeCAD. Please see the wiki for more detailed information on getting started.




Install with the Addon Manager.



The CadQuery workbench includes sample scripts that are available at CadQuery → Examples → ... entries from the top menu.

Other examples:

Latest CadQuery

The latest version of CadQuery is no longer using FreeCAD and is not compatible with the CadQuery workbench. If you are interested in the latest version have a look at the CadQuery Python module and the CadQuery graphical editor.

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