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The CAM Workbench contains a set of hidden commands. They are hidden by default because they are experimental. A command can be considered experimental for any of the following reasons:

  • It is incomplete.
  • It is bug-ridden.
  • It is unstable.
  • It does not produce correct, stable, safe, paths.
  • It is not a standard, regularly used command in the traditional CAM workflow.
  • It is mature but has not yet been moved to the standard tool list.
  • ... other reasons.

Enable experimental commands

To access the hidden experimental commands of the CAM Workbench, the user must enable them in the Parameter Editor.

  1. Open the Parameter Editor via Tools → Edit Parameters...
  2. Once in the editor the path is BaseApp → Preferences → Mod → CAM
  3. To enable the CAM Area and CAM Area Workplane commands:
    • Right-click in the parameter list area and select New → New Boolean item from the context menu.
    • Name the new parameter: EnableAdvancedOCLFeatures (case-sensitive).
    • Set it to: True.
  4. To enable the other experimental commands:
    • Again select New → New Boolean item from the context menu.
    • Name the new parameter: EnableExperimentalFeatures (case-sensitive).
    • Set it to: True.
  5. Save the settings.
  6. Restart FreeCAD.

Additional Information

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