CAM DressupRampEntry

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CAM DressupRampEntry

Menu location
CAM → Path Dressup → RampEntry
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
CAM DressupTag, CAM DressupDogbone, CAM DressupDragKnife


The tool DressupRampEntry dresses up an existing path to add a ramp entry.


  1. Select a contour or profile path objects.
  2. Select the CAM → Path Dressup → RampEntry option from the menu.


  • Ramp Feed Rate : Can either be the current vertical or horizontal feed rate or some other custom value
  • Angle : Angle of the ramp against the vertical axis. A smaller value makes the ramp steeper.
  • Method : Used to select different modes of ramping:
    • RampMethod1: goes down at the ramp angle and the moves horizontal to the target point
    • RampMethod2: goes horizontal first and then down at the ramp angle to the target point
    • RampMethod3: goes down in a zigzag way
    • Helix: goes down spiraling
  • Dressup Start Depth : The distance above the target level where ramping starts
  • Use Start Depth : Indicates that the ramping does not start above the stock level. If it is not set to true the first ramp can be steeper than expected.

From left to right: Ramp method 1, 2 and 3

Ramp method Helix