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This project was realized during GSOC 2019

This page is dedicated to the description of the Google Summer of Code 2019 project idea of adding BCF support to FreeCAD.


BIM Collaboration Format (or BCF) is a file format aimed at coordinating the work of several participants in a Building Information Modeling (BIM) project. The format specifications are maintained by BuildingSMART, the same consortium behind the IFC file format.

The BCF format implements a series of tools to allow users to create, annotate, classify, comment, discuss and solve issues on a BIM model. It works as a thin layer containing issues related to a BIM model. The BCF file itself doesn't contain or relate explicitly to the model, which allow different people who work on a same project but with different applications to still be able to discuss and process the same issues.

This project idea proposes to implement a BCF viewer for FreeCAD. The viewer would allow to:

  • Open BCF files
  • View the different issues with their comments and images (screenshots)
  • Navigate in a FreeCAD model to a camera position stored in the BCF file
  • Comment, annotate, classify and tag issues
  • Create new issues, save screenshots and camera position
  • Save BCF files
  • If time permits, explore the possibilities of server-based BCF serving (API)


  • Get familiar with FreeCAD and the current state of BIM tools
  • Get familiar with PySide and Qt
  • Get familiar with the BCF format, gather a series of test files
  • Implement the different functions needed to interact with BCF files and data
  • Implement a Graphical User Interface to these functions

Expected Outcome

  • Documentation. Like all open-source projects, it is of uttermost importance to document a lot everything you do. This allows for other people to take on and extend your work more easily.
  • A complete, working GUI application, that works as a plugin/addon inside FreeCAD.

Future Possibilities

BCF use in the BIM industry is still at its infancy. One can think of many possible extensions, such as:

  • Connecting with other (open-source) communication structures: forums, chat/messaging systems, etc...
  • Connecting with other issues tracking systems

Project Properties


  • Programming language: Python + PySide
  • Knowledge of BIM modeling and workflows is a plus, or be ready to practice!



Additional Information

GSOC 2019

This workbench was created during a GSOC 2019 by user 'podestplatz'. Relevant links: