Automate reinforcement process

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This page is dedicated to the description of the Google Summer of Code project idea regarding automate reinforcement process of Rebar Addon. The linked wiki page can also serve as a starting point to get into this project.

Project detail

Current scenario

Rebar Addon is aimed at easing up the process of rebaring in FreeCAD. In this project, the list of rebars is provided to a user in the form of a dropdown. For eg. for reinforcing in the rectangular column by using Rebar addon, first, the user has to do create straight rebar in the four sides of the column and create stirrups along a length. But this is a very time-consuming process.

How to solve the problem?

There should be a dialog box where a user will add all the detail of reinforcing (like number of stirrups, a diameter of the stirrup, number of straight rebars etc.) at once and click on the `Ok` button. This will create reinforcement in the structural element by using the core functionality of Rebar addon.

For more details:

Project Properties


  • Programming language Python (Library: PyQt5)
  • Knowledge of structural engineer field
  • Knowledge of FreeCAD



Additional Information

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