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Assembly4 is an external workbench that is used to perform assembly of different bodies contained in a single file or in multiple documents. It was created in the v0.19 development cycle to take advantage of Assembly3 branch's new features, such as the App Link object, and the new expression engine.

It was developed with the idea that a true constraint solver was not needed, and instead the expression engine was enough to establish relationships between different local coordinate systems attached to bodies. Thus its prototype name was "Assembly without solver" or AWS.


Assembly4 can be installed from the Addon Manager.


Assembly4 was developed from the new tools created for Assembly3, in particular, the App Link object and the improved expression engine.

Assembly4 was inspired by A2plus and Assembly3 but it is not compatible with them. If you have older models made in those two workbenches, you should use those workbenches to open your models only.