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Assembly3 TracePartMove

Menu location
Assembly3 → Trace part move
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The Trace part move command traces one single point of a kinematic assembly, when one of the assembled objects is moved with either the Move part tool or the Axial move tool.


  1. Optionally select a wire object:
    • A point to trace itself.
    • An edge or face to trace the center point of its shape.
  2. Activate the Trace part move command using one of the following:
  3. Select one object of the assembly and move it using one of the following:
  4. Press the esc key or the OK button (Axial move only) to finish tracing.
  5. Find an AsmTrace object in the Tree view.


  • If you don't select any shape in the first step, you will be tracing the shape that was selected in the third step.
  • To change the element to trace, you need to disable this tool before selecting a new element and enabling it again.
  • If you control the movement with another tool such as this kinematic controller that allows to use a mover tool in parallel, you could use this tool to alter the assembly step by step and use the mover tool to add a point and connecting line on each step. It is possible to use the mover tool as a trigger by picking and dragging any of the arrows - just a tiny bit until the next point and line appears (use transparency if necessary).
(I hope there will be a more elegant way in the future)