Assembly3 ConstraintEqualLineArcLength

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Assembly3 ConstraintEqualLineArcLength

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The Equal Line Arc Length command constrains the length of a 2D line like a non-subdivided wire which is made with Draft Workbench tools in relation with a workplane.

It links the length of the 2D line with the length of an arc (2D or 3D?).

The length value of the selected line equals the length of selected arc.

Since I couldn't get this tool working here's the statement of the tool tip: 

Add an "EqualLineArcLength" constraint to make a line of the same length as an arc.


  1. Select the 2D line to be constrained.
  2. Select a 2D arc to read its length value.
  3. Activate the Equal Line Arc Length command using the:
  4. Press the Solve constraints or the Quick solve button to recompute
(if Auto recompute and Smart recompute are disabled).

Depending on the order of the selected line types following errors appear:

Constraint "EqualLineArcLength" requires the 1st element to be a linear edge
Constraint "EqualLineArcLength" requires the 2nd element to be an arc edge
Constraint "EqualLineArcLength" requires the 2nd element to be a circular edge