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Arch ToggleSubs.svg Arch ToggleSubs

Menu location
Arch → Utilities → Toggle Subcomponents
Default shortcut
Ctrl + Space
Introduced in version
See also
Arch Component


This tools toggles the visibility of all the subtractions of an Arch object between visible and hidden.

Normally, if an Arch object, like an Arch Wall, is selected and you press Space only the external wall will be hidden or made visible, but not the internal objects.

With this tool, the internal subtracted objects will all become visible or hidden.


  1. Select an Arch object that has subtractions.
  2. Select menu Arch → Utilities → Arch ToggleSubs.svg Toggle Subcomponents‏‎.


The color of a subtraction element can follow the style of Draft construction elements, by activating the appropriate option in the Arch Preferences, in the menu Edit → Preferences → Arch → General settings → Apply Draft construction style to subcomponents.

The Draft construction style can be set in the Draft Preferences, in the menu Preferences → Draft → General Draft.