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Arch SectionPlane.svg Arch SectionPlane

Arch -> Section Plane


このツールは現在のドキュメントに断面表示のためのギズモ(仕組み)を配置します。これよって断面または表示面が定義されます。ギズモは移動と回転によって位置や方向を変えることができ、取得したい2D表示を表示できます。他のオブジェクトを選択しない状態でこのツールが使用された場合、シーンにある全てのオブジェクトが2D表示に含まれます。何かオブジェクトを選択している場合、2D表示にはそのオブジェクトのみ表示されます。Arch AddツールとArch Removeツールを使用することで後からSectionPlaneオブジェクトにオブジェクトを追加したり、削除したりすることができます。

現在のところ作成時にSectionPlaneオブジェクトはSectionPlaneの対象とみなされるオブジェクトの2D写像が設定されたDrawing Pageオブジェクトを作成します。上の図の左側はシーン内に置かれたSectionPlaneオブジェクトを表し、右側はSVGの2D出力を表しています。面のソートの実装はまだ不完全です。

Arch SectionPlane example.jpg


  1. Optionally, set the Draft Working Plane to reflect the plane where you want to place the Section Plane
  2. Select objects you want to be included in your section view
  3. Press the Arch SectionPlane.png SectionPlane button or press S then P keys
  4. Move/rotate the Section Plane into correct position if needed
  5. Select the Section Plane if not selected already
  6. Use either Drawing DraftView, Draft Shape2DView or TechDraw ArchView to create a view
  • オブジェクトを選択します
  • Arch SectionPlane.png SectionPlaneボタンを押してください
  • 断面を適切な位置に移動/回転させてください
  • 表示を更新のためにStd Recompute.png Recomputeボタンを押してください


  • The Section plane object will only consider a certain set of objects, not all the objects of the document. Objects can be added or removed from a SectionPlane object by using the Arch Add and Arch Remove tools, or by double-clicking the Section Plane in the tree view, selecting objects either in the list of in the 3D scene, and pressing the add or remove buttons.
  • With a section plane object selected, use the Draft Shape2DView tool to create a shape object representing the section view in the document.

Arch Section example2.jpg

Arch Section example3.jpg

  • The Section Plane can also be used to show the entire 3D view cut by an infinite plane. This is only visual, and won't affect the geometry of the objects being cut.

Arch SectionPlane CutView.jpg


  • データOnly Solids: If this is True, non-solid objects in the set will be disregarded
  • ビューDisplay Length: The length of the section plane gizmo in the 3D view. Doesn't affect the resulting view
  • ビューDisplay Height: The height of the section plane gizmo in the 3D view. Doesn't affect the resulting view
  • ビューArrow Size: The size of the arrows of the section plane gizmo in the 3D view. Doesn't affect the resulting view
  • ビューCut View: If this is true, the whole 3D view will be cut at the location of this section plane.
  • ビューClip view: if this is true, it will clip the view to the display height and length of the section plane. This effectively turns the section plane into an orthographic camera, limiting the field of view.

Arch SectionPlane ClipView.png

The Arch SectionPlane with the clip view option will behave like a camera, limiting the field of view.


  • Adding manually a property named RotateSolidRender of type App::PropertyAngle to the section plane's View properties (right-click the properties view -> show all, right-click again -> add property) allows to rotate the render when using Solid mode. This is useful when a rendered view has for example both Arch and Draft elements, and the rendering of the Arch elements is rotated in relation to the Draft elements.



Section Planeツールはmacros内で、そしてPythonコンソールから次の関数を使って使うことができます:

Section = makeSectionPlane(objectslist=None, name="Section")
  • Creates a Section object from objectslist, which is a list of objects.


import FreeCAD, Draft, Arch

p1 = FreeCAD.Vector(0, 0, 0)
p2 = FreeCAD.Vector(2000, 0, 0)
baseline = Draft.makeLine(p1, p2)
baseline2 = Draft.makeLine(p1, -1*p2)

Wall1 = Arch.makeWall(baseline, length=None, width=150, height=2000)
Wall2 = Arch.makeWall(baseline2, length=None, width=150, height=1800)
Structure = Arch.makeStructure(length=1000, width=1000, height=200)

BuildingPart = Arch.makeBuildingPart([Wall1, Wall2])

Floor = Arch.makeFloor([BuildingPart])
Building = Arch.makeBuilding([Floor, Structure])
Site = Arch.makeSite(Building)

Section1 = Arch.makeSectionPlane([Wall1, Wall2])
Section2 = Arch.makeSectionPlane([Structure])
Section3 = Arch.makeSectionPlane([Site])