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Arch IfcExplorer.svg Arch IfcExplorer

Menu location
Arch → Utilities → Ifc Explorer
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Arch IFC


The IFC explorer is a simple utility to explore the contents of an IFC file. IFC files are text files, and are therefore readable in a text editor, but the information is condensed, unformatted, and difficult to browse. This utility presents to the user the exact same content, but displayed in an organized and readable method. The "IfcOpenShell" software library must be installed for this utility to work.

The purpose of this explorer is simply to allow you to check what is really written in an IFC file, in case you want to verify if the contents were correctly imported or exported to and from an IFC-aware application such as FreeCAD.

Arch IfcExplorer example.jpg

Ifc Explorer with several properties


  1. Invoke the Ifc Explorer via:
    • Pressing the Arch IfcExplorer.svg button
    • Using the Arch → Utilities → Ifc Explorer entry from the Arch dropdown menu.