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    Animation Toolkit for FreeCAD

    This Workbench can be used to create sequences of pictures.

    It is still under construction - all contributions welcomed ...



    This workbench can be installed from the Addon Manager. For manual installation see Installing more workbenches.


    Detailed description here



    Drop down menu

    • Animation Mover.png Mover: moves objects during a time intervall along the motion Vector.
    • Animation Rotator.png Rotator: rotates objects during a time intervall. Further parameters are Rotation Axis/Direction, Center of Rotation and Angle.
    • Animation Tranquillizer.png Tranquillizer: slows the render process if the animation runs to fast.
    • Animation Photographer.png Photographer: creates a picture of a given format and size to a render directory for every time step.
    • Animation Plugger.png Plugger: connects a newly created object to an already animated shuttle object or to a vertex of an animated sketch to enable using sketcher to calculate complex transformations with some constraints by means of the shuttle object.
    • Animation Adjuster.png Adjuster: enables to calculate a value by a basic linear function. Now sketches can become animated by changing values in constraints.
    • Animation Styler.png Styler: controls the Gui-object. Visibility, Transparency and Shape Color can be changed on the fly.
    • Animation Billboard.png Billboard: Billboard and Moviescreen are features to display extra information like texts or images during the animation.
    • Animation Moviescreen.png Moviescreen: Billboard and Moviescreen are features to display extra information like texts or images during the animation.
    • Animation Extruder.png Extruder: can be used to demonstrate the functionality of a miller or a 3D printer.
    • Animation Viewpoint.png Viewpoint:
    • Animation Manager.png Manager:
    • Animation Bounder.png Bounder: limits the values of the Placement to an intervall. It is the projection of a motion to a min/max limited space.
    • Animation Filler.png Filler: can be used to fill the volume of a part from bottom to top like to fill a bottle with wine. It can work as running slice trough the part like a ct scan.
    • Animation Gearing.png Gearing: animates the rotation of 2 or 3 gears or a star-planet-moon system.
    • Animation Kartan.png Kartan: animates a Kardan joint.
    • Animation Scaler.png Scaler:
    • Animation Placer.png Placer:
    • Animation Diagram.png Diagram:
    • Animation Collision.png Collision:
    • Animation Combiner.png Combiner:
    • Animation AnimationControlPanel.png AnimationControlPanel:
    • Animation Pather.png Pather:
    • Animation Snapshot.png Snapshot:
    • Animation ViewSequence.png ViewSequence:
    • Animation Speeder.png Speeder:
    • Animation Toucher.png Toucher:
    • Animation Tracker.png Tracker:
    • Animation Trackreader.png Trackreader:
    • Animation Abroller.png Abroller:
    • Animation Delta.png Delta:
    • Animation Sum.png Sum:
    • Animation Assembly2Controller.png Assembly2Controller:
    • Animation Connector.png Connector:


    • Animation Animation.png Animation:
    • Animation CaseAction.png Case action:
    • Animation FalseAction.png False action:
    • Animation FollowMe.png Follow me:
    • Animation LoopAction.png Loop action:
    • Animation QueryAction.png Query action:
    • Animation RepeatAction.png Repeat action:
    • Animation ScriptAction.png Script action:
    • Animation TrueAction.png True action:
    • Animation WhileAction.png While action:
    • Animation Reset.png Reset:
    • Animation Icon1.png Icon1:
    • Animation Icon2.png Icon2:
    • Animation Icon3.png Icon3:

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