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In FreeCAD and in this documentation, an addon is any component that is not part of the base installation, but that can be added to the system by certain methods.

Different types

There are three types of addons:

  • Macros: short snippet of Python code that provides a new tool or functionality in a single file ending with .FCMacro.
  • Workbenches: collections of Python files that provide related Gui Commands (tools) centered around a particular topic, for example, tools to design cabinets, or tools to work with architecture, or tools to design boats, etc. These workbenches usually define new toolbars where commands are placed as buttons.
  • Preference Packs: distributable collections of user preferences. introduced in version 0.20


The recommended way to install addons is with the Addon Manager.

But for macros and workbenches manual installation is also possible:

Information for developers

If you have developed a macro or workbench, and want to see it included in the Addon manager, read how to do so on the repository pages: (FreeCAD-addons and FreeCAD-macros). If you add your macro to the Macros recipes page, there is nothing else to do, it will automatically be picked up by the Addon manager.

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